We offer a wide range of services as listed in our pricing guide below. Vixen is a full service salon - this means that each of our services include a blissful shampoo experience + personalised blow dry styled finish.
At Vixen we believe in genderless pricing.
We offer our guests their choice of stylist at a range of price points, based on their level of experience, skill, and qualifications. If you don’t have a specific stylist in mind we will help pair you with the stylist best suited to your needs during our signature consultation process.
Our pricing also varies depending on your hairs length from the below options.
Short - over the ears
Medium - ears to touching shoulders
Long - shoulders to under arms
XL - under arms and below or extra thick
A consultation is required to receive an accurate quote.

 All visits incur a $3 Green Fee.

As a Sustainable Salon 95% of our salon waste is reused, repurposed or recycled with your help and support.